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Debate Club of Khabarovsk State University of Economics and Law is a student organization established in 2000.

The main goal is to assist students in acquiring political and economic knowledge on the world's current issues, developing their debating skills in English as well as leadership skills.

The life of the Club is represented by regular Model United Nations (MUN) sessions, Parliamentary debates, round tables, seminars, trainings and other activities that help students to widen their outlook, enrich knowledge and improve their skills in language, debating, public speaking, negotiations, project management and to grow professionally. We discuss the most interesting and relevant issues of the world: Syrian conflict, Death Penalty, Economic Sanctions etc. 

All events are held in English. The members of the Debate Club have received many grants from a variety of international organizations, participated in a number of International MUN Conferences in the USA, China, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and etc., organized International Conferences and projects at KSUEL.

Moreover, we never stop at what has been accomplished!

We WELCOME students from ALL schools and ALL universities at ANY time of the year!

We will be glad to see you on Monday and Friday at 6 p.m. room 502 (KSUEL)

2 - 4 March 2017, the 3rd Regional Model United Nations Conference