Debate Club has been implementing a variety of social projects! We are always ready to support and help those who are in need!

We have organized workshops aimed to develop public speaking skills; we have planted trees in the park “Severnii”; we have provided school students with information about healthy lifestyle, bad habits, ecological issues and tolerance.

Several times a year we visit children in the orphanage (v. Nekrasovka). That is the best time in our lives. Probably it is hard to believe but we always look forward to seeing them, playing games, teaching them how to dance, how to draw and even how to cook. Making them smile is the best treasure! We take photos; give them small presents and our hugs.

We really want them to feel our love and support. It is incredibly sad that how many children are lonely!

Don’t be indifferent! If you want to make a contribution, join the DC or contact us.