Registration Guide.

Step 1. Choose a committee. This year Khabarovsk Model United Nations presents four committees: General Assembly (GA), Security Council (SC), Human Rights Council (HRC) and World Bank (WB). See study guides for more information.

Step 2. Choose a country you would like to represent. Each committee has its own list of countries to be present during KhaMUN 2012 (see the list for GA, SC, HRC and WB). Be aware you will need to follow the policy of the country chosen and it may not coincide with your personal view of the matter.

Step 3. Fill out a registration form (either for nationals or for foreign citizens) and send it to an e-mail address of your committee:  for Security Council  for General Assembly  for Human Rights Council  for World Bank

Step 4. (Optional) Since the Chairperson of your committee has assigned you a country you may participate in a best position paper contest. The winners will be awarded at the formal ceremony. A position paper is an essay that presents an opinion about an issue, in such a case the one of the country you are to represent. KhaMUN does not set any restrictions on how thorough the research should be. However, we kindly recommend that it is at least one page long. You need to send it to one of the abovementioned e-mails.

Step 5. Pay the conference fee. The fee includes a delegate set (folder, handbook, placard and various stationery), coffee breaks, cultural program and awards to winning and outstanding delegates.

Step 6. Get prepared for the conference. Make sure you have familiarized yourself with the study guide of your committee. If that is not enough you can always research for more.

Well that is it. We are looking forward to see you at KhaMUN 2017!